The applications with following Enrollment IDs have been rejected since these do not fulfil the requirements mentioned in GATE 2018 brochure.

Zone Name Enrollment ID
IISc Bangalore G564M96
IISc Bangalore G577K79
IISc Bangalore G581P80
IISc Bangalore G581R18
IISc Bangalore G584P76
IISc Bangalore G590F35
IISc Bangalore G594S83
IISc Bangalore G622R28
IISc Bangalore G230C30
IISc Bangalore G304V32
IISc Bangalore G326N21
IISc Bangalore G652W97
IISc Bangalore G613V64
IISc Bangalore G384N87
IISc Bangalore G599F74
IISc Bangalore G394G36
IISc Bangalore G643B17
IISc Bangalore G641H82
IISc Bangalore G394H49
IISc Bangalore G106B14
IISc Bangalore G169S24
IISc Bangalore G402N74
IISc Bangalore G439Y91
IISc Bangalore G445E35
IISc Bangalore G450P55
IISc Bangalore G458T47
IISc Bangalore G155S88
IISc Bangalore G480Z69
IISc Bangalore G185V31
IISc Bangalore G499J54
IISc Bangalore G510N70
IISc Bangalore G541D19
IISc Bangalore G628C52
IISc Bangalore G544X58
IISc Bangalore G547Q23
IISc Bangalore G556K79
IISc Bangalore G309S52
IISc Bangalore G557C45
IISc Bangalore G647Q20
IISc Bangalore G566U71
IIT Bombay G602X64
IIT Bombay G654M24
IIT Bombay G653S36
IIT Bombay G651R42
IIT Bombay G648R59
IIT Bombay G644J62
IIT Bombay G640U40
IIT Bombay G639H88
IIT Bombay G634Q94
IIT Bombay G633V17
IIT Bombay G615U93
IIT Bombay G615C66
IIT Bombay G614W66
IIT Bombay G614S78
IIT Bombay G611W17
IIT Bombay G610F69
IIT Bombay G605D62
IIT Bombay G601P42
IIT Bombay G596E84
IIT Bombay G595Z56
IIT Bombay G591C84
IIT Bombay G590W72
IIT Bombay G588B61
IIT Bombay G573W24
IIT Bombay G566T65
IIT Bombay G565M74
IIT Bombay G565H72
IIT Bombay G565C57
IIT Bombay G561B34
IIT Bombay G546W81
IIT Bombay G538W64
IIT Bombay G538S13
IIT Bombay G533H33
IIT Bombay G530F72
IIT Bombay G524Z65
IIT Bombay G520X20
IIT Bombay G495J71
IIT Bombay G494H78
IIT Bombay G493Q49
IIT Bombay G479Z42
IIT Bombay G474H62
IIT Bombay G464E79
IIT Bombay G463Q86
IIT Bombay G461N21
IIT Bombay G444U44
IIT Bombay G433A69
IIT Bombay G427C27
IIT Bombay G415P69
Zone Name Enrollment ID
IIT Bombay G414P19
IIT Bombay G390N71
IIT Bombay G387M81
IIT Bombay G367T94
IIT Bombay G336V66
IIT Bombay G330F25
IIT Bombay G329X56
IIT Bombay G311E60
IIT Bombay G292E63
IIT Bombay G291C70
IIT Bombay G290Y20
IIT Bombay G251J62
IIT Bombay G233P10
IIT Bombay G227E70
IIT Bombay G213Y18
IIT Bombay G207K80
IIT Bombay G207F72
IIT Bombay G166P73
IIT Bombay G161Y67
IIT Bombay G131E86
IIT Bombay G112G74
IIT Bombay G290S94
IIT Delhi G542G16
IIT Delhi G628E71
IIT Delhi G607Y38
IIT Delhi G114N38
IIT Delhi G643C28
IIT Delhi G631W45
IIT Delhi G358E69
IIT Delhi G548Y16
IIT Delhi G432U35
IIT Delhi G647N64
IIT Guwahati G591S59
IIT Guwahati G510S75
IIT Guwahati G433A31
IIT Guwahati G549M49
IIT Guwahati G623K90
IIT Guwahati G477A28
IIT Guwahati G114C81
IIT Guwahati G575V23
IIT Guwahati G358J91
IIT Guwahati G633F11
IIT Guwahati G331Z49
IIT Guwahati G529H72
IIT Guwahati G468W47
IIT Guwahati G595Q68
IIT Guwahati G649M57
IIT Guwahati G488E63
IIT Guwahati G545F32
IIT Guwahati G155V82
IIT Guwahati G125T26
IIT Guwahati G292X91
IIT Guwahati G100A12
IIT Guwahati G100A14
IIT Guwahati G100A15
IIT Guwahati G102E16
IIT Kanpur G383A61
IIT Kanpur G486V51
IIT Kanpur G484N15
IIT Kanpur G481R13
IIT Kanpur G481M90
IIT Kanpur G528Z85
IIT Kanpur G551J17
IIT Kanpur G627J93
IIT Kanpur G626U45
IIT Kanpur G574D71
IIT Kanpur G527J82
IIT Kanpur G302Q43
IIT Kanpur G247Z60
IIT Kanpur G167G44
IIT Kanpur G462A41
IIT Kanpur G636F10
IIT Kanpur G457Y49
IIT Kanpur G510P64
IIT Kanpur G318Q61
IIT Kanpur G134C77
IIT Kanpur G421Y61
IIT Kanpur G108W61
IIT Kanpur G639F35
IIT Kanpur G530K83
IIT Kanpur G497A76
IIT Kanpur G304T40
IIT Kanpur G643R32
IIT Kanpur G223K84
IIT Kanpur G479Y58
IIT Kharagpur G609E19
IIT Kharagpur G655X54
IIT Kharagpur G571Y87
Zone Name Enrollment ID
IIT Kharagpur G323X25
IIT Kharagpur G474Q43
IIT Kharagpur G637V92
IIT Kharagpur G636K49
IIT Kharagpur G596S98
IIT Kharagpur G426A44
IIT Kharagpur G602E39
IIT Kharagpur G368C37
IIT Kharagpur G145C79
IIT Madras G644K75
IIT Madras G644Q39
IIT Madras G527K80
IIT Madras G510M34
IIT Madras G504U79
IIT Madras G654F38
IIT Madras G652Y44
IIT Madras G634E40
IIT Madras G476T37
IIT Madras G147J80
IIT Madras G469U36
IIT Madras G458U88
IIT Madras G452A91
IIT Madras G638E34
IIT Madras G439T79
IIT Madras G229B86
IIT Madras G397Q86
IIT Madras G397B89
IIT Madras G387W31
IIT Madras G387U21
IIT Madras G198R40
IIT Madras G386P87
IIT Madras G604A93
IIT Madras G610Q63
IIT Madras G596E68
IIT Madras G595C34
IIT Madras G623J31
IIT Madras G343U30
IIT Madras G624A13
IIT Madras G625G43
IIT Madras G579S18
IIT Madras G577C83
IIT Madras G574W65
IIT Madras G567E17
IIT Madras G330Q65
IIT Madras G566J70
IIT Madras G566H65
IIT Madras G564Q45
IIT Madras G626X52
IIT Madras G561C82
IIT Madras G626Y56
IIT Madras G550S39
IIT Madras G547V55
IIT Madras G627F75
IIT Madras G593Q31
IIT Madras G612D94
IIT Madras G348W53
IIT Madras G280G21
IIT Madras G487G58
IIT Madras G533Q62
IIT Madras G121M23
IIT Madras G439Y89
IIT Madras G615B22
IIT Madras G586A50
IIT Madras G617G42
IIT Madras G502R43
IIT Madras G562G15
IIT Madras G597R14
IIT Madras G652P19
IIT Madras G196G59
IIT Madras G607C91
IIT Madras G610Q10
IIT Madras G598T10
IIT Madras G623K48
IIT Madras G378Q48
IIT Madras G434A17
IIT Madras G654H70
IIT Madras G369S94
IIT Roorkee G233T22
IIT Roorkee G340S58
IIT Roorkee G624C55
IIT Roorkee G640V58
IIT Roorkee G479E64
IIT Roorkee G289U62
IIT Roorkee G326C18
IIT Roorkee G645Y88
IIT Roorkee G184B96